...have seen a lot. We've heard a lot. We've seen the anxiety in the eyes of the boys and girls we meet. We've heard from the parents who feel that their single children are forgotten. We've never told them about our ever-growing lists of resumes, of the hours and hours of phone calls and research we've put in. We've never told them about how sometimes we've had to cut back on those hours so we could try a job with steady income.

Who We Are

Adopt a Shadchan is a groundbreaking new organization that seeks to partner shuls and communities with dedicated shadchanim to make the shidduch process targeted and sustainable. We created this organization so that every single can have a dedicated shadchan to advocate and guide them. So every shadchan can dedicate themselves to creating as many shidduchim as possible, knowing that they have steady means of support. So we can help build as many homes as possible, in the best way possible.

What We Do

With our community-based program shuls and alumni groups hire a dedicated shadchan to focus on their singles with individual meetings and regular follow ups.

Over 150 shadchanim representing communities from all over are united and in constant communication. Our private digital database includes thousands of singles and is accessed by reputable shadchanim throughout the world.

Our headquarters, based in Flatbush, is open daily with shadchanim and volunteers meeting singles, brainstorming, and expanding our database.

We offer continuous support and guidance for both shadchanim and singles with workshops, coaching, networking, and mentoring events.

Our Programs

Each shul or alumni group hires a shadchan to work with and advocate for their singles, providing set monthly support with a minimum commitment of three months. Each shadchan meets individually with the boys and girls from her group and represents them at meetings, networking events, and on the AAS chat. She maintains contact with updates & support.

Over 150 shadchanim from all over the world are part of this network. Each day "adopted" singles are posted & remain the focus of the day.

Our database includes over 3,000 singles and is constantly being updated with new and more relevant information. It is accessed by shadchanim only and is detailed and organized to facilitate as many potential matches as possible.

Continuous training for shadchanim and guidance for singles are just part of what we do. Our workshops cover a number of areas including support and advice for singles, parents, and families as well as hands-on technical instruction for shadchanim. We also host singles events that are carefully planned for specific demographics.

This division includes its own shadchanim, dating coaches, and therapists who offer support to singles ages 30 & up.

Our Team

Lisa Elefant

has been involved in shidduchim for over a decade. She is the founder of Shul Share and is one of the driving forces behind Adopt A shadchan. Lisa resides in Brooklyn with her family.

Daniella Feldman

is co founder and director of development at adopt a shadchan. She is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice and lives with her family in Lakewood NJ.

Ilana Brown

has been involved in shidduchim for over 15 years. She is also a dating coach and has a degree in marriage and family therapy. She lives with her wonderful family in Toronto.

Leeba Marsh

has been working for many years in shidduchim within the Lakewood community. She is now working together with Adopt A Shadchan's alumni program helping set up singles ages 30 and up. Leeba lives in Lakewood with her family.

Shoshi Soibelman

has been successful in making shidduchim for over 10 years. She volunteers with Adopt a Shadchan and is a very integral part of the organization.

Ruchi Giberstien

has been involved in shidduchim for over 15 years. She is a lead shadchan and coordinator for Adopt a Shadchan and lives with her family in Brooklyn.

Bluma Woolf

works as a shadchan for all different types and age groups. She is known for her extra care and sensitivity given to each person. She works with the alumni program for adopt a shadchan that focuses on ages 30-40s. Bluma lives in Lakewood with her husband & three children.

Bluma Florans

Is a shadchan and dating coach and has succesfully mentored many facing challenging dating issues. She is the director of the older division of Adopt a Shadchan. She lives with her family in Lakewood.

Aviva Ghermezian

has been involved in shidduchim for over 15 years. Aviva is an integral part of the adopt a shadchan administration and volunteers her time to help many singles in need.

Elisheva Tversky

has been involved in shidduchim for over five years. She volunteers with Adopt a Shadchan and is a core part of the organization.